The Happy L'il Sweat Club


The Happy L'il Sweat Club

As the Motivational Health and Fitness Chick for The Happy Little Sweat Club Tracey Hewitson brings 15 years of experience as a Certified Personal Trainer/Martial Arts instructor to her studio.  She began her own journey toward personal training in 1997 when she began studying Martial Arts and found a love for running.  Her passion for teaching was ignited while training for her 1st degree (Shodan) black belt in karate.  Her teaching passion continued and after earning her 3rd Degree black belt (Sandan) in Karate and 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo she knew her passion had to evolve.  In 2007 she became the Director of Possibilities when she opened Monkey See...Monkey Do...Martial Arts  in Grimsby, Ontario.   Not wanting the children to have all the fun and with a firm belief that fitness classes should be sweaty and happy she expanded her business by attaining her Personal Training Certificate.  She then earned her title of Motivational Health and Fitness chick for The Happy L'il Sweat Club.  Tracey has built her business'  on the philosophy that you "learn by example" and uses the innovative Watch-Learn-Do approach to teaching in her Martial Arts programming .  Tracey brings a positive, refreshing approach to health and fitness and a fun yet disciplined class atmosphere in her Martial Arts classes.  Her goal is to strengthen individually each client/student physically, mentally and emotionally with consistent positive reinforcement.  

Building on a FIT mind and a FIT body!

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Tracey Hewitsonaka your Motivational Health & Fitness Chick & Director of Possibilities